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furnace will not turn on with thermostat

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If the furnace does not make a sound, the thermostat is not sending a signal and needs to be replaced. Your thermostat should automatically turn on. Set it to turn on the AC or heat. You just need to adjust the existing one, following three simple steps: (1) adjust the thermometer; (2) level the thermostat; and (3) adjust the anticipator. On an electronic-ignition furnace, turn down the thermostat or turn the power switch off and then on again to reset the ignition control module. Furnace Will Not Turn on With Thermostat: What’s the Problem? Depending on how low the battery is, you may only have to wait several minutes. This started happening a couple of weeks ago. Your thermostat is responsible for telling your furnace when to turn on and off. If your furnace kicks on when you manually increase the temperature, everything should be working properly. The blower will turn on if I turn the thermostat to the fan position. Mechanic's Assistant: Just to clarify, what are the exact lights you're talking about? 3 Use a soft brush or vacuum with a brush attachment to gently and carefully remove dust and dirt. The fan and furnace relation is essential while checking whether your thermostat is working well or not because the fan is pumping warm air even after you switch off the furnace in your house. Make sure the thermostat is turned to the cool position, and the fan switch is on auto. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Give the furnace a minute or so for the fan and the heat to kick on. A thermostat is a switch that can automatically turn on a furnace when a set temperature is reached. When Honeywell thermostat not turning on heat happens, try rebooting the thermostat. Fan The furnace circulates the air it warms through the house by means of a fan. Use a thermometer to check the temperature in the air next to the thermostat to see if the thermostat is reading correctly. So if you go to your digital thermostat one day to turn on the AC or change its programming only to discover that the display screen showing a total blank, you’ll have a problem on your hands. There is no worse time for your heater to not be working because you typically only discover that it isn’t functioning right when you need it most! Be sure to reassemble the sections in the same order and direction that you took them out. The thermostat measures the temperature in your home and directs your furnace to come on when the temperature falls to the level you've set. Step 3 – Balance the Two Temperatures . Set the temperature lower than usual to turn on the air conditioner. 2 Remove the thermostat’s cover. Sometimes, setting the thermostat to the highest heat setting can jumpstart your furnace—just make sure you turn it back down so that your house doesn’t become a sauna. How Does a Thermostat Turn on a Furnace? Test the thermostat by setting the temperature to one or two degrees warmer than room temperature. These thermostats are called low voltage because they run off a transformer that reduces line voltage from 120 volts to a level somewhere between 12 and 24 volts, depending on the brand of furnace you have. However, If I go down to the basement, and flip the power switch off and on, the furnace starts, and runs for about 10 minutes. Many times your heating system isn’t completely broken, it has issues you may able to fix. The transformer steps down 120 volts to the 24 volts the thermostat needs, and … Display got real dim, so I just changed the batteries in it. Check the thermostat: If your thermostat takes batteries first check to make sure they do not need to be replaced. Gas Pressure. One thermostat is the master meaning that it must be set cool to push the system to ac. I have a NOMA Programmable thermostat attached to my furnace. Troubles with your thermostat. If your house has a programmable thermostat, a fault in it could cause the thermostat to turn the furnace off and on at inappropriate times. You also need to ensure that the thermostat is set to the heat position. Wait approximately 30 seconds and then turn the thermostat back on and increase the temperature to the desired level. But an extremely low battery can take up to an hour to charge. 1 Turn the power off to the heating system. Let’s look at why your heat won’t turn on. You cannot see it without removing the cover as it is fastened to the back. Next check and clean the furnace’s flame sensor. If your thermostat is broken, you don't have to shiver until the repairman can come or until you can get to the store to buy a new thermostat. Turn the furnace off and the thermostat all the way down, then dismantle the duct where it exits the furnace and check for debris. In the case of a thermostat connected to a furnace, set the thermostat temperature five degrees higher than the room temp. The motor has to spool up and close the circuit on a small switch called a sail switch behind the blower wheel cover. Why? I figured it was the battery on the t-stat so I replaced it. If you do not hear the sound, the thermostat may have failed. The video below shows you how—note that this guy fixes it in about 5 minutes. If it doesn't, there could be something wrong with the thermostat. Just unsnap them from their wall plates. Turn the thermostat up as high as it will go to try to kickstart your furnace. The other two thermostats will kick on the air handlers but not the compressor causing warmer air into those zones. If your furnace overheats, this sensor will trip, causing the heat to turn off. If a thermostat is thought to have a problem then it can be bypassed with a jumper wire. A furnace not kicking on is one of the most alarming things of the winter. Depending on fuel type you may hear a buzz or click of a gas igniter or the whir of the oil burner, or the click of a relay on an all-electric heater. Turn off its power for ten to twenty seconds. If the burners come on and the blower starts, then the thermostat is defective and must be replaced. When in this mode, your thermostat will override the programmed temperature, allowing you to adjust the temperature as needed. Testing the thermostat for the summer months will look a little different. While you watch conditions at the furnace, have a helper turn the thermostat all the way up, as high as it'll go - thus well above room temperature - while at the furnace you WATCH the BURNER and the fan limit control. With most types, you just pull it straight out, but check your manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t break it. Turn the power to the furnace back on, turn the thermostat to the “Fan ON” position and see if you are getting 24 volts between the G (Green) wire and the C (Common) wire. Does the thermostat show any of the following icons or messages? I know the furnace is working because it will come on and turn off as it should for the first floor which as I said above is controlled by a separate thermostat. It’s never fun to have a furnace that won’t turn on, especially during the cold season, but step away from the thermostat and take a deep breath. If you are sure that the batteries are working, or if your thermostat has a direct connection to your home’s electric, then turn the thermostat’s setting to off. Your thermostat should automatically turn on when the battery is charged enough. Listen for the sound of the spark or watch for the hot surface ignitor to glow (see your owner’s manual). If your house has to get really cold before the furnace kicks in even though the thermostat is adjusted to a higher temperature, you probably don’t need to replace your thermostat. YES – Continue to the next step. My furnace seems to be heating okay it is just the blower will not shut off. You can use HOLD mode to test thermostat operation. The first thing you’ll want to check is your thermostat’s settings. Furnace Blower Fan Wont Turn Off - Hello Richard, I have a problem with my furnace where the indoor blower will turn off. In order to activate your furnace, your thermostat needs to be set to a temperature above your current room temp. The furnace may continue to run the fan blower to help cool itself off, or may not carry out any function until the system is reset or has cooled down sufficiently. The set point is usually around 21 degrees, and the room temperature is reading around 17 degrees. All gas appliances are set to operate with a standard supply pressure of approximately 3psi. Turn on the Heat switch. I have a Trane XT302B thermostat. That did not solve the problem. You press the thermostat up a couple more times and nothing. At that point, the furnace should kick in. The lockout condition can be reset by turning the thermostat off and reducing the temperature to a value which would not cause the furnace to turn on. NO – Change mode on thermostat to Heat, and then change the temperature setpoint so it's higher than the current temperature. Wait to hear the clicking sound that indicates the furnace has kicked on. The thermostat tells the system when to turn on and shuts it off when the house temperature has reached the desired level. Because they can detach from furnace power without having to unscrew them. I have Ultra II 90 high efficiency furnace maid by Magic Chef. Suddenly the ac condensor outside will not turn on unless that one thermostat is calling for cool air. If you are not getting 24 volts then you either have a thermostat problem, thermostat wire problem or you might have a blown fuse on your control board. I turn on the thermostat, the fan turns on then the furnace lights after a few seconds, the furnace goes out within 5 seconds tops. If you do not be attentive about this issue, then your thermostat may get harm because of the reason that fan should be switched of after two or three minutes that you switched off the furnace.

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